What are the Benefits of a Disinfectant Fog Machine?

In our current climate, sanitizing and disinfecting is on everyone’s mind. As cleaners, hand soap, and disinfecting wipes have been cleared from store shelves and are only found in short supply, many people are turning to other methods of cleaning to protect their families. One option that’s growing in popularity: the disinfectant fog machine.

What is a Disinfectant Fog Machine?

Using fog to disinfect a space isn’t a new concept, but it’s one that’s earning more attention given our heightened need for cleanliness. A disinfectant fog machine is a small, portable device that emits a fine mist to cleanse the air of germs. It’s often used as the final step in a normal cleaning routine that acts as “the icing on the cake.” Once all of your surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned, the disinfecting mist finishes the job to target airborne contaminants.

Benefits of Using a Fog Machine to Disinfect

Traditional disinfectants and cleaners are powerful in their own ways, but they aren’t necessarily an end-all solution. Consider some of the benefits of a disinfectant fog machine that could help fill in the gaps left behind from your usual cleaning routine:

Target Airborne Germs

The majority of cleaners work wonders on surfaces but do nothing to kill germs in the air. Disinfectant fogging machines are made for the air, offering an easy way to target the germs you might otherwise breathe in. This is especially important in our current pandemic, where coronavirus is believed to spread via air particles rather than linger on surfaces.

No Residue

Unlike typical cleaners, the fine mist created by fog machines doesn’t create a sticky, filmy residue when it lands on surfaces. There’s no “drying” time required, either. It kills germs and bacteria in the air and can even get into hard-to-reach spaces that you may find challenging to clean in other ways.

No Harsh Fumes or Chemicals

You’ll want to turn on your fog machine, close the doors, and vacate the area while it works its magic. But once the cycle is complete and you’re ready to return, you won’t have to worry about harsh fumes or chemicals that are common with traditional cleaners.

Where to Buy a Disinfectant Fog Machine

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