In the midst of a global pandemic that’s showing no end in sight, health and safety are top priorities among business owners and individuals alike. There’s no doubt that we all want to do our part in limiting the spread of germs and keeping our loved ones safe. And while your average household cleaners are helping to tackle your deep cleaning efforts, tough challenges call for tough solutions.

This is one of many reasons why disinfectant fog machines are in such high demand. Here are a few ways how these machines are helping to improve indoor health and safety for homes, businesses, and even cars and buses:

Disinfectant Fogging Reaches Tough Spaces

Disinfectant fog machines use a powerful solution and fan-powered blower to shoot a fine mist into the air. The mist targets airborne contaminants, including bacteria, germs, and odors, to improve indoor air quality. Because it’s a mist and doesn’t require hands-on application, it can target hard-to-reach spaces, corners, and other areas that are difficult to clean using manual methods.

In addition, there’s no need to move furniture or objects, as the mist can target just about anywhere. The machines are powerful enough to cover a whole area with ease, and with no hands-on involvement from you once you flip the switch.

It Kills Airborne Contaminants

According to an article published in the New York Times, the coronavirus is spread through the air in droplets. If someone that is carrying the virus were to cough, sneeze, or breathe, the resulting contaminated droplets could linger in the air until someone else breathes them in.

Fogging machines target airborne particles to remove germs from the air. This is a major difference between typical household cleaners that usually only target surfaces and aren’t meant for air purification.

It Cleans Spaces of Any Size

Disinfectant fog machines are powerful, especially when considering their small size. They can clean just about any size space, including commercial spaces that often have more square footage than a typical home. You can use the machine as little or as often as you like to improve every area of your property.

It’s Cost-Effective, Professional-Grade Cleaning

When the pandemic first began, many business owners and homeowners turned to professional cleaning services to come in and disinfect their spaces. This was especially common for businesses that catered to the general public or homes that had elderly occupants that were at high risk of the virus.

A fog machine is a cost-effective alternative that can disinfect your space every bit as good as professional cleaners and technology. Once you purchase the machine, you only need to pay for refill solutions, a small price compared to the skills of a professional.

A Disinfectant Fog Machine Provides Greater Peace of Mind

Most importantly, a disinfectant fog machine can instill peace of mind in your customers, employees, and family members. They can relax knowing the air they breathe has been successfully disinfected and that you’re putting their health and safety first.

Order your disinfectant fog machine today and discover cleaner, healthier air.

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