Atomization Sterilizer

Indoor Disinfection Machine

It produces very dry disinfection mist, which provide deep sanitization by decomposing germs, bacteria and purify the air by eliminating odor, caused by bacteria, pets, and cooking fumes and fresher the air environment.



Warm-Up Indicator Turn on the pre heat for 5 minutes, and then wait for the handle button to light, indicating that the atomizer can work.


Sink keeps the sanitizers/disinfectant in the atomizer that is to be used.

Time Switch

After turning on the ( I ) for preheating for 5 minutes, turn the timer switch to the right to start the machine. The machine has auto stop for overheat protection and it will auto start again.


(I) to the right for Preheating (chemical) (II) to the left for cleaning (water) (O) to turn off the system

Power Supply

Connect the atomizer to the power supply

Prepare For

Atomization Technology

Atomize the medicament into finer anti-virus particle.
Completely kill germs in unconventional spaces.


Not Just For Home

Indoor electric atomization disinfection machine. Portable air purifier and best for disinfection and air purification of various small spaces, cars, homes, office, schools, shopping mall and more!

Indoor Disinfection Machine | Atomization Sterilizer | gym air purifier
Indoor Disinfection Machine | Atomization Sterilizer | bathroom air purifier
Indoor Disinfection Machine | Atomization Sterilizer | school air purifier
Indoor Disinfection Machine | Atomization Sterilizer | home air purifier
Sterilizer Machine

Inside The Car

Indoor atomization and antibacterial machine generates non-steam dry smoke to disinfect the insides of vehicles and creates a fragrant environment.

Atomization Sterilizer

High-output fog machine and for Killing virus.


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