Atomization Sterilizer

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  • Indoor atomization and antimicrobial (atomization machine) The use of non-steam dry smoke to disinfect the ingredients to the car has a smell of the part. Which play a decomposition of odor, sterilization deodorant effect. And with a scent to purify the air.
  • Automatically smoke, the bike to purify the smoke 5-8 minutes, and then open the car within 10 minutes after the smoke adsorption is completed, and then open the door to feel healthy and fresh air.

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Product description:

Recommended Use: This easy to carry and simple to operate Fog Atomization Machine is Highly recommended for sanitizing and proves to be antibacterial germ guardian in household i.e. rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, cars, hotel, hospitals, gyms, hotel and shopping malls. Wide Use: Ideal for use before backyard picnics, barbecues, outdoor parties, pool parties and special events for hotels.

Operating Instruction:

Sanitizing, Fog Liquid or Glycerin is not included.

Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 15 x 14.5 inches
Item Weight: 6.61 pounds
USA Brand: Authentic Original

STYLIST ATOMIZER: This portable/indoor electric atomization disinfecting machine, portable air purifier best for disinfection and air purification of various small spaces, cars, homes, office, shopping mall and all public places.

MIST SANITIZER: It can produce very dry disinfection mist, which provides deep sanitizing by decomposing germs, bacteria and purify the air by eliminating odor, caused by bacteria, pets, and cooking fumes and fresher the air environment.

FOGGING SANITIZER: Not only it disinfects sprayer or air purifier it can produce Smoke Fog with 25% mixture of Fog Liquid or any Vegetable Glycerin to the sanitizer.

EXCELLENT SPRAY EFFECT: Smoke is automatically discharged, the electric sprayer will purify the air for about 5 to 8 minutes, and then wait for the smoke to absorb harmful substances in the air. After 10 minutes, open the door and you will feel healthy and fresh air.

OVERHEAT PROTECTION: The air blower machine has Auto Stop function once overheat it will Auto Start with timers on. It will guarantee that the product will last long.

Authentic Smoke Fog Spray Disinfectant Machine – Air Purifier & Surface Sanitizer best for Home, Car, Office & retail. Eliminates Bacteria & Viruses for Indoor-Outdoor Portable house fresheners.

24 reviews for Atomization Sterilizer

  1. dany

    I just got the machine and I am so happy with that, very easy to use:)

    • authentic original

      Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Jennifer

    It is a good idea to surprise your husband with this gift for his car.

    • authentic original

      Thanks for you comment.

  3. Jack

    Great experience with machine, love it.

  4. Min

    Nice product!

    • authentic original

      Thank you.

  5. aafitz89

    Good product.

  6. marksdns

    order one and received it quickly, nice one.

  7. jumpjack

    Just purchased this fogger and used it over this week. WOW, is all I can say.

  8. Nick

    Good product, do the job.

  9. abteam

    Thanks, this machine really works so efficient.

  10. dovergray

    Good one.

  11. Maria

    good product and fast delivered 🙂

  12. Walker

    Excellent Product, identical to specifications, fast delivery!

  13. Tina

    Excellent seller attention, arrived very soon! I ‘d buy again.

  14. Antony

    Working well, recommend

  15. Alexa2018

    Very good product exactly match the description and the photos I highly recommend it

  16. Erika

    Working very well, in few minutes my room was refreshing.

  17. max

    Great machine and easy to use

  18. Sara

    Awesome quality!

  19. aaron

    Amazing product!

  20. Tim

    Great Smoke Machine!

  21. Diana

    Great Value & Worked Awesome

  22. Mary

    Quality Machine, working well:)

  23. atb

    Good quality, easy to use, quick arrival

  24. Johs

    Great small cold fogger home machine

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